Heidelberg 1818


The critical German edition will take place at the FILCOSPE Department of the University of Roma Tre, as part of the Carové project directed by Prof. Klaus Vieweg (University of Jena) and Prof. Christian Illies (University of Bamberg) at the Meiner publishing house, and will be edited by Prof. Francesca Iannelli in collaboration with Dr. Gabriele Schimmenti. 

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New Release: “Hegel Studien” (Volume 57) | hegelpd

Klaus Vieweg/Christian Illies/Francesca Iannelli/Marko Fuchs: „Wissenschaft der Freyheit“ – Heidelberger Hegel-Nachschriften von F. W. Carové. In: HEGEL-STUDIEN, 57, pp. 151-157, 2023

Klaus Vieweg. Hegel inedito: i manoscritti Carové – Filosofia – Rai Cultura