Past and upcoming events in Hegel’s Philosophy and its reception

Past Events

Münster 2011

Hegel als Diagnostiker der Moderne, organised by A.P. Olivier, M. Quante and H. C. Schmidt am Busch, at the  Münster University.

Nantes 2015

Théorie de la reconnaissance et critique sociale, colloque international, organised by A.P. Olivier, M. Roudaut  at the Université de Nantes, 24-26 septembre 2015.

Rome 2018

World WoMen Hegelian Congress, The Owl’s Flight. Hegel’s Legacy in a Different Voice, organised under the patronage of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany by Stefania Achella, Gabriella Baptist,  Serena Feloj, Francesca Iannelli, Fiorinda Li Vigni and Claudia Melica

Here the official video by Riccardo Perazza

Rome 2019

Philosophy and Madness: From Kant to Hegel and Beyond organised by F.Iannelli, M.Failla at the Roma Tre University

Rome, 30th -31st May 2019
The conference Philosophy and Madness: from Kant to Hegel and Beyond aims to reflect on mental illness from Kant’s anthropological writings to Hegel’s Philosophy of Spirit, by considering the influence that criticism and German idealism have exerted on the philosophical, scientific and psychoanalytical orientations of the twentieth century still perceptible today. The aim of the conference is, therefore, not only to offer to nowadays cultural and scientific debate the analysis of undetected aspects of classical German philosophy but also to shed light on subjects and issues present in the current philosophical, psychiatric and scientific investigation.

Here the official conference web site.