The Research Project of National Relevance  “Hegelian constellations of the feminine: a hyper-archive for an inclusive Bildung” is directed by Francesca Iannelli (Roma Tre University)  in collaboration with Stefania Achella (Chieti/Pescara University) and Eleonora Caramelli (Bologna University) and founded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research. 

The Hegelian constellation of the feminine has remained largely unexplored; reconstructing it is the main objective of the present project, which aims to fill a significant gap in the overall reconstruction of Hegel’s historical interaction with the female figures of his time in the biographical, aesthetic-artistic, social spheres. Likewise, the strategic role that can be played by such a constellation as a magnifying glass on a number of qualifying aspects that may reveal an emancipatory bearing of Hegel’s philosophy for contemporary debates on family, art, translation, Bildung, and rights has not yet been adequately recognized. 

The present research project is therefore set against the backdrop of such an innovative scenario with the intention of creating a digital hyper-archive (“FemHaB”) of the main female figures who interacted with Hegel and exerted an influence, direct or indirect, on his thought, profiling themselves as “figures of resistance” to oblivion, beyond prejudice. The archive will be built in collaboration with Samsung and will allow a direct interaction, through augmented reality experiences, of the biography and intellectual legacy of the female figures considered as well as with the Stuttgart philosopher to solicit high school and university students or other interested scholars for a choral reflection on possible inclusive reinterpretations of Hegelian philosophy for our present that will be documented in a dedicated section of the Archive under the supervision of the three Units.

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