Paola Faini

Paola Faini


Paola Faini is professor of English Language and Translation at Roma Tre University. She has mainly published in the field of Translation Studies (essays and two monographs, Tradurre. Dalla teoria alla pratica and Tradurre. Manuale teorico e pratico) and Terminology (articles, a monograph and an edited collection of essays).

She has coordinated the Italian edition of  the Oxford Illustrated History of English Literature and has translated and edited works by Lessing, Woolf, Maugham, Stoker, Carroll, Fielding, Ford.

In recent years she has published contributions on Shakespearean adaptations/rewritings. Her Italian translation of two plays by Sulayman Al-Bassam,  The Al-Hamlet Summit and Richard III. An Arab Tragedy is forthcoming in the Summer 2018. She is currently working on some unpublished dramatic monologues by the same author.

Besides some essays on Shakespearean adaptations and rewritings, she has edited and translated two plays by Sulayman Al-Bassam,  The Al-Hamlet Summit and Richard III. An Arab Tragedy (Carocci, 2019). She is currently working on three unpublished dramatic monologues by the same author.

Selected publications

-Faini, (2019) Shakespeare arabo. Amleto e Riccardo III di Sulayman Al-Bassam, Carocci, Roma. ISBN 978-88-430-9447-9, also including the following essays: “Da Occidente o Oriente. Il cuore antico di Amleto e Riccardo III”; “Appunti teorici sulla traduzione del testo drammatico”; “Riflessioni a margine di una traduzione”; “Sulayman Al Bassam. Ritratto breve”; “Con parole sue. L’esperienza umana e artistica di Sulayman Al Bassam”.

– P. Faini, “English, but not quite: Translating two cultures”, in O . Palusci, K. E. Russo eds., Translating East and West, Trento, 2016

– P. Faini, “La catena del linguaggio: qualche anello si può spezzare?”, in O. Palusci ed., Traduttrici: Female Voices across Languages, Trento, 2011

– P. Faini, “Cleopatra’s Corporeal Language”, in  M. Del Sapio Garbero, N. Isenberg, M. Pennacchia eds., Questioning Bodies in Shakespeare’s Rome, ACUME 2, Vol. 4, Göttingen, 2010

– P. Faini, “The Al-Hamlet Summit”, in M. D’Amico, S. Corso eds.,  Post-Colonial Shakespeare, Roma, 2009

– P. Faini, “Abigail, Jessica e il ‘tradimento’ del padre”, in V. Papetti, N. Isenberg eds., Le Forme del teatro: La posa eroica di Ofelia. Saggi sul personaggio femminile nel teatro elisabettiano,  Roma, 2003

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