Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin

Nathalie Vienne Guerrin

Nathalie Vienne Guerrin


Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin is Professor of Early Modern English Literature at the Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 (France) and head of the “Institut de Recherche sur la Renaissance, l’âge Classique et les Lumières” (UMR 5186, research centre of the French National Centre for Scientific Research, CNRS, IRCL).

She is co-general editor of the international journal Cahiers Élisabéthains (Sage) and of the online journal Arrêt sur Scène/Scene Focus. She is also co-leading (with Patricia Dorval) a programme on Shakespeare on Screen in Francophonia. She is currently the coordinator of the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership NEW FACES (Facing Europe in Crisis: Shakespeare’s World and Present Challenges).

She has published a number of articles on insults, the evil tongue and the war of tongues in Shakespeare’s plays.

She co-edited (with Claire Gheeraert-Graffeuille) Autour du Songe d’une Nuit d’été (2003). She co-edited (with Sarah Hatchuel), Shakespeare on Screen: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (2004), Shakespeare on Screen: Richard III (2005), Television Shakespeare: Essays in honour of Michèle Willems (2008), Shakespeare on Screen: The Henriad (2008) and Shakespeare on Screen: The Roman Plays (2009), Shakespeare on Screen: Hamlet (2011), Shakespeare on screen: Macbeth (2013), Shakespeare on screen: Othello, Cambridge University Press (2015), Shakespeare on Screen: The Tempest and Late Romances, Cambridge University Press (2017).

She published The Unruly Tongue in Early Modern England, Three Treatises, Fairleigh Dickinson, 2012.

She is the author of Shakespeare’s Insults: A Pragmatic Dictionary (Bloomsbury, 2016).



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